Track Pan Card Status Online – step by step Process

PAN card, which refers to Permanent Account Number, is one of the most important documents required for the record of monetary transactions by an Indian citizen. It is a card issued by Income Tax department by Government of India. PAN card bears a 10 letter alphanumeric code which acts as the PAN number, which is like ABCDE1234F. PAN card number is linked with every bank account an individual opens and manages with any bank, to keep track and record of his/her monetary transactions for taxation purposes.

How to apply for a PAN card?

If you are an Indian citizen, it is mandatory for you to have a PAN card for conducting financial transactions. The first thing to know in this concern is How to apply for a PAN card. Any individual can apply for a PAN card through either NSDL or UTI.

The applicant can apply from any of these sources, either online or through submission of hard copied documents. For PAN card application, an applicant will be required to submit these three documents:

1. Authorized Identity Proof
2. Address proof
3. Proof regarding Date of birth

There are various documents to affirm the above-mentioned proofs for applying PAN Card Numbed. It usually gets around 15 days before an applicant receives his/her PAN card. For the ease and provision of applicants, Government of India has provided service for knowing PAN card status before it’s delivered.

Important note:
Online tracking of PAN card status can be done after 24 hours of application. Although tracking of PAN card status is suggested to be considered after 3 days of application to get accurate status.

How to check PAN card status once you have applied for it

As we know, we can apply for PAN card through NSDL or UTI, so the first thing that we need to do is choose the related portal from which we have applied. After that, we need to visit the official page of NSDL or UTI. Below is the detailed guide about how to track PAN card status through NSDL and UTI.

Track PAN card status through NSDL

  1. Visit NSDL‘s official page.
  2. Fill in the form that asks for the following information:

a) Application Type: New/ Change Request
b) Acknowledgment Number: Your acknowledgment number (IF NOT KNOWN, APPLICANT CAN ONLY FILL NAME IN THE NEXT BOX)
c) NAME:
d) Date of Birth: Date of Birth/ Incorporation / Agreement / Trust/ Formation / Association (DD/MM/YYYY)

After filling in this information, clicking on Submit button will display PAN card status to the applicant.

Check PAN card status through UTI

1. When an applicant applies through UTI, he /she is provided with the “Application Coupon Number” at the time of application.
2. Visit UTI’s official page and fill in the same Application Coupon Number.
3. Click Submit and you can track your PAN card status.

This is an easy-to-use guide to track PAN card status online. For Applicants who have applied for PAN card through NSDL, can also track their PAN card status through SMS as well as Call Centre facility.

An applicant can track PAN card by simply typing into SMS: “NSDLPAN”, followed by 15 digit Acknowledgement number to 57575.

Similarly, the applicant can call the TIN call centre: 020-27218080, and provide the executive with the Acknowledgement number to know the current PAN card status.

Customer Support:

If any applicant faces problem regarding the PAN card status, he/she can call the 24*7 customer support, provided by both NSDL and UTI.

Apart from tracking PAN card status, there are many matters for which PAN card holders, as well as PAN card applicants, seek answers for. So here we have tried to clear the mist from such questions and provide answers for PAN card issues.

 How to pay for PAN card?

When applying for PAN card, the applicant can pay through debit card/ credit card or online banking. These are the methods when paying online.  Through offline submission, the applicant needs to just buy a form, fill it and mail it to the department that dispatches PAN card. Approximate payment for PAN card (at most) is around 107-110 INR.




How to Verify PAN Card (Online PAN Verification)? And where?

Verification of PAN card is one of the most important steps after application and receipt of it. It’s simply because, information provided on PAN card must be 100% authentic, correct and accurate.

As simple as the tracking of PAN card status, PAN card verification process is way too simpler. All you need to do is get to the official website of NSDL and verify your information by either filling in your Name and Date of Birth, or by filling in your PAN number itself. As necessary it is to verify your PAN, it’s as much easy too.

How to edit/correct Information in PAN Card?

If for some reason you need to change your information in PAN card, you can do it easily for applying for correction any time. Whether it’s your changed name after marriage or any other information, you can apply it through the form provided on NSDL official website.

How to reapply for your lost PAN card?

If your PAN Card is Lost, the only way to get it back is by reapplying. To reapply, go through the same form that is mentioned above for making changes in PAN card information. You can reapply by using your PAN card number, or by simply filling in your Name and Date of Birth.
To get answers related to questions about PAN card, you can comment your questions below. We’ll keep updating this post if any further changes take place regarding the application, tracking, payment, and receipt of PAN card…

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