Link PAN Card to Income Tax Department

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A Pan card is a 10 digit number this is assigned to every tax paying individual and entity in India. The pan card was designed for the reason of assisting the government to identify out taxpayers and ensuring this entity paid the taxes due as per the tax slabs they fall under. While many assume a pan card is only required at the time of submitting your earnings tax returns, which is usually once a year, there are a number of uses that the pan card fulfills referring to earnings tax.

Reasons Why PAN Card is Essential for Income Tax

6 reasons why a PAN card is essential when it comes to tax are listed below.

Link PAN Card to Income Tax

Link PAN Card to Income Tax

Pan Card for Filing Income Tax Returns

A pan card is a necessity to file your income tax returns, for the reason that government uses the pan card to identify an individual or entity from a taxation point of view. The pan card number has to be quoted while filing income tax returns by means of individuals and entities, failing which the individual or entity’s income tax returns will now not be acknowledged and the government will expect the said individual has not paid his/her taxes.

PAN Card to File Income Tax Refund

Individual and entities who’re eligible for income tax return after the payment of their taxes will quote their pan card number in their Pan application form. The pan has to be quoted as the government makes use of it as the only manner of identity in taxation. Failure to quote the pan in such an application will bring about the application not being processed and the individual/entity will now not receive the refund.

PAN Number to Check Income Tax Refund Status

After submitting the income tax refund application, taxpayers can test the popularity in their refund at the government portal. This repute can be checked best upon getting into the pan card number of the individual/entity.

PAN for Filing TDS Certificates

Tds (tax deducted at source) is a tax series method implemented by the government of India by way of which the tax quantity is deducted at the time of disbursing the quantity to the person. Corporations, traders or any entities that deduct tds are required to furnish a TDS certificate stating the amount of tax that has been deducted. The tds certificate has to also comprise the pan quantity of the payee in all files along with tds returns, declaration of perquisites and profits in lieu of salary.

PAN Number to log into the Income Tax Website

Taxpayers who wish to log into the income tax website for the cause of e-filing their returns are required to go into their pan numbers. Because the profits tax department is shifting closer to a paperless income tax go back submitting device, taxpayers will document their returns thru the website, wherein registration requires their pan numbers.

PAN Card to avoid being overtaxed

People who post their pan card information on the time of submitting their returns will keep away from being overtaxed because the authorities could have records in their transactions and therefore calculate tax after considering deductions. For people and entities who do not quote their pan numbers, but, the government will levy a flat 30% tax irrespective of the tax slab the person or entity comes beneath. For that reason, having a pan card will help the person keep away from paying extra than he/she is needed to.

Online PAN Verification

Option – I

  • Step-1 Visit and login
  • Step-2 Please Login and navigate to Profile Settings -> My Profile to view the details.

Option – II

  • Step-1 Register as a Bulk PAN Verification Agency at
  • Step-2 Go to Bulk PAN Query and click on Upload Query
  • Step-3 Upload the query in the specified format and click on submit
  • Step-4 On submission a token number will be generated.
  • Step-5 On submission a token number will be generated.
  • Step-6 Status of the PAN uploaded through the query system will be displayed

Income tax department

Along the ability to link biometric identifier aadhaar with pan, the branch has also positioned separate hyperlinks on its Pan Card E-filing Website — one to replace modifications in existing pan data or for application of latest pan by using an Indian or an overseas citizen. The second link is for folks who want to update aadhaar details with the aid of logging into ‘aadhaar self-provider update portal’ the use of the unique identification range. The individual can then add scanned files as evidence for facts replace request.

Additionally, the income tax department has now released a facility to accurate anomalies in pan or aadhaar record. Over 1.22 crore assessees have already got aadhaar-connected pan however the quantity is abysmally low as there are over 25 crore pan card holders inside the USA, whilst aadhaar has been issued to 111 crore human beings. As in keeping with records with the tax department, simplest 6 crore human beings report profits tax returns at present.

Income Tax Department

Income Tax Department

Finance minister Arun Jaitley, thru a change to the finance bill for 2017-18, had made aadhaar obligatory for filing income tax returns and provided for linking of the pan with aadhaar to diminish tax evasion through the use of multiple pan cards. After verification from the uidai, the linking could be confirmed. In case of any minor mismatch in aadhaar call furnished, aadhaar otp might be sent to the mobile variety registered with the uidai.


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