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PAN (Permanent Account Number) card is issued by NSDL. It works as an identity card provided by Government Of India for almost all purpose. The main purpose of the card comes under usage when one files for tax returns or a tax refund.

How to Get Duplicate PAN Card

It is a vital document which is used in our day to day life, with some of the economic transactions requiring its use, be it for income purposes, buy of goods exceeding a sure amount or simply to deposit/withdraw money. We often come upon instances of humans losing their pan cards on an everyday basis, which is why the government has applied enough measures, ensuring that a duplicate pan isn’t hard to get.

Those who want (Individuals/trusts/HUFs ) to apply for a duplicate pan card on account of damages can do so by following a few simple step. The one who has already allotted a PAN card, which on account of certain reasons needs to be reprinted then only he/she can apply for a duplicate pan card.

procedure to Avail a Duplicate PAN

The procedure to avail a duplicate PAN card is mentioned below:

  1. Log onto the official website of TIN-NSDL and navigate to the section on Reprint of PAN card.
  2. Once here, one will have to choose the “Apply” tab and opt for the kind of PAN they need to replace/get a duplicate of. This depends on whether the initial PAN was allotted to an individual, firm, trust, HUF, etc.
  3. They may now top off the form, offering relevant information like permanent account number, call, address with, email identification, cell phone number, and so on. One must make sure that they do no longer click on any of the boxes on the left-hand facet of the form.
  4. Post-filling the form, documents like ID proof, date of birth and photographs should be submitted. One should also submit proof of the existing card which they wish to reprint.
  5. A payment towards getting a replacement card should be made. This charge relies upon at the communique deal with to which they want the card introduced, with it being Rs 107 if the address is inside India and rs 989 if it’s far outside India. The charge may be made either through net banking, debit/credit score card or call for drafts.
  6. Once payment is made and all supporting documents are submitted, an acknowledgment will be provided. This is a unique 15 digit number which can be used for future correspondence with authorities.
  7. Post verification of documents, the PAN card will be dispatched, with it likely to take around 2 weeks for the same.

Duplicate PAN Card Application Form

Steps to fill Online Duplicate PAN Card Application Form:

  • Applicants will have to first click on the link titled ‘Apply Online’ and they will be redirected to another page.
  • Individuals will have to click on ‘Application type’ and select the third option which is, ‘Changes or Correction in existing PAN Date/Reprint of Duplicate PAN Card (No changes in existing PAN Data).
  • Under ‘Category’ applicants will have to choose the relevant option, which is either individual or company or so on.
  • The next section is regarding information of the applicant. The first answer that will have to be given is the ‘Title’.
  • Next, they will have to give their last name or their surname.
  • Individuals will have to then provide their first name and their middle name.
  • Next, individuals will have to mention their date of birth including month, year and date.
  • Finally, candidates will have to provide their email address with and their cell number and additionally need to point out if they are a citizen of India or now not.
  • Once all the required information is given, applicants will have to enter the Captcha Code and submit the form if they are satisfied with their answers or reset and type the correct information prior to submitting it.

In case the applicant is a registered user, he/she will be able to need to provide their temporary token number, email address, and date of beginning. As soon as the correct information has been given, they’ll offer the captcha code and submit their answers.

While filling the online application, candidates can either pick to offer physical acknowledgment, aadhaar primarily based e-sign or a digital signature certificate. If candidates pick out a virtual signature certificates or an aadhaar based totally e-signal choice, they may need to add scanned pics of their signature, picture and other helping documents even as imparting the utility. In the case of aadhaar based e-signal choice, the applicant’s aadhaar card may be selected as a helping file.

If by any chance, the information that has been submitted fails with appreciate to format stage validation, a response indicating all the error can be displayed on the display screen. All mistakes will be rectified through the applicant and the form should be re-submitted. In case there are no errors, a confirmation display with all of the information that has been stuffed by the applicant could be displayed. The man or woman has the choice to either verify or edit these statistics prior to filing it. Candidates will have to fill all of the mandatory fields which would be marked with.

Payment to be made along with PAN Card Application

  • In case the communication exchange address is in India, the rate for processing these packages is rs.107 including taxes. Applicants will pay both through credit card/debit card, call for the draft or even net banking.
  • In case any of the addresses are not in India, the payment can be made through either Debit Card or Credit Card or even Demand Draft payable at Mumbai.
  • The fee for processing PAN application when the address is outside India is Rs.994 including taxes.
  • In case applicants are paying via credit cards or debit cards, an additional charge of 2% will be applicable by the bank that provides gateway facility. Also, exchange or conversion rates may be applicable.
  • Once payment has been successful, the acknowledgment will be displayed which will have to be saved.
  • If the applicants have provided their Aadhaar number then, a copy of Aadhaar card along with the supporting documents will have to be submitted.
  • In case the applicant is a minor, then his/her Aadhaar number will have to be given in the application form. This number will then be authenticated.
  • Once confirmation has been provided upon successful payment, an acknowledgment screen with a receipt will be displayed. This receipt will have to be downloaded and printed.
  • In the case of a non-individual PAN applicant, the acknowledgment receipt will have to be signed by an authorized signatory i.e., Karta if it is HUF, Partner in case of a Partnership Firm, Director in case of Company, Trustee in the case of Trust and Authorised signatory in all remaining categories.)
  • In case of thumb impression is used as a signature, it will have to be verified by a Magistrate or a Gazetted Officer or a Notary Public, under official stamp and seal.

Instances when need for Duplicate PAN Card Can Arise

  • Loss/theft –Given the fact that maximum of us carry out pan card in our wallets, it’s far viable to lose it as a result of a robbery of pockets. That is the main motive for human beings to use for a duplicate pan card.
  • Misplaced – We frequently misplace our cards, uncertain as to wherein we left them.
  • Damaged – A PAN card can get damaged due to multiple reasons, leaving us with no option but to reprint it.
  • Change of information – It is possible for errors to creep into a Duplicate PAN card, requiring changes and/or reprint.


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