Aadhar card status online – step by step Process

aadhar card statusAfter applying for Aadhaar card you must be wondering as to what to do next! Well, you can check  Aadhaar Card Status online anytime, from anywhere.

What Is Aadhar Card?

Aadhaar is a number that is actually the identification of an individual. It is a unique 12-digit number issued by UIDAI that is The Unique Identification Authority of India. The authority was initially working under the erstwhile Planning Commission of India. The authority’s responsibilities are to manage Aadhaar numbers and Aadhaar cards of an individual. Aadhaar is intended for individuals of all the ages for the purpose of creating identities. As the Aadhaar is for individuals only, all the members of a family have to have an Aadhaar number individually. For deciding distinctiveness of every individual, the demographic details (residential address info) of the person and his/her biometric information (headshot, iris scan, fingerprints) is collected which is stored in a database maintained centrally. The Aadhaar number serves as a proof of identity (POI) and also the address of the individual, anywhere in India.

An individual with an Aadhaar number is issued with an Aadhaar card. Aadhaar card contains the descriptions of the individual’s Aadhaar number, address, photograph and the age as on the printed date. It must be noted here that Aadhaar is essentially a number and not a card. One can get his/her Aadhaar number by enrolling at any of the enrolment agencies nearest to his residence. For getting an Aadhaar at any of these agencies, possession of a valid address proof is a must. After enrollment, an Aadhaar card is delivered to the individual by post at his/her designated address within a predefined time period.

Aadhaar can be used for a number of purposes like for getting a cooking gas subsidy or for receiving the benefits of other government sponsored schemes. The newly launched mobile company Jio is issuing its SIM cards only to the Aadhaar number holders and the process of having a SIM card has been made quite simple with the use of Aadhaar based KYC. In the near future, Aadhaar shall have its widespread use in every walk of an individual’s life.

Check your Aadhaar Card status

There are 5 ways out there to check Aadhaar card status

Check your Aadhaar card status online by using your enrolment number.
Check your Aadhaar card status by calling toll free number UIDAI helpdesk.
Check your Aadhaar card status through mobile app.
Use SMS to check your Aadhaar card status.
Check your Aadhaar status on India Post.

Check your Aadhaar Card status Online by using your Enrolment Number

The steps for checking online Aadhaar card are a lot easier, you can do so by entering Enrolment ID and Date/Time (your Aadhaar card Identification) in the appropriate place at UIDAI official website.

Where to find Enrolment ID Date/Time?

The enrolment ID and Date/Time are there in Acknowledgement Slip that is provided at the time of Enrolment. See the below image with the boxed texts

Aadhar Card

Step by step easy way to check aadhar card status online

 Click here to Visit the official website of the UIDAI

  1. A form will be displayed (as below given screenshot) where Enrolment ID, date/time and security code are to be filled up by you to go further (Complete the captcha entry as shown in the screen).

Aadhar card


3. After you have filled up the information, check the same carefully for any discrepancies and then click on green colored Check Status button.

4. A new page will come up that will show your Aadhaar card current status for which you had applied.

With that, a link will appear to download your e-Aadhaar letter or card which will be in PDF format and when you try to open it in your PC, a password is required. Use the Pincode of your area as per enrolment details as the password.

Check Aadhar Card status by calling UIDAI helpdesk Toll free Number, 1800-300-1947.

Just call the Aadhaar helpdesk contact on the above-given number. This is a toll-free number and calling on it doesn’t costCHECK AADHAAR CARD STATUS BY CALLING UIDAI HELPDESK TOLL FREE NUMBER, 1800-300-1947. you a dime. This service is for the end user i.e. residents i.e. you, for the registrars and for the enrolment agencies. After calling the number, an interactive voice response system (IVRS) would reply.

Follow the IVR instructions by pressing appropriate keys on your phone and enter your Aadhaar details. The same can be found on the Acknowledgement Slip that is provided at the time of enrolment process. The IVR system would tell you the current status of your Aadhaar card.

Check Aadhar Card status by Mobile App

Go to Google Play Store on your android mobile and download UIDAI Official Aadhaar App. It is a mobile application that is designed to get the status of Aadhaar card for which you have been enrolled earlier. To get the current status, you will have to provide 14 digit enrolment number.

UIDAI resident portal Services are available on Mini Android Aadhaar App. Here you are able to download and install the same on your android phone. You can keep tracking you Aadhaar card status, Aadhaar update status, and also can download Aadhaar card.

Check Aadhar Card status by Sms

 You should be able to check your Aadhaar card status by SMS also. It is a simple method to do know your Aadhaar number. Just type a text message in your mobile as given below.

UID STATUS <14 digit enrolment number>

And send the same to 51969. Your mobile should have the same number which is registered with UIDAI.

Example: UID STATUS 10002000030000

You can also request your Aadhaar number by the use of this SMS service. Send the following SMS through your number which is registered with UIDAI.

“UID GETUID <14 digit enrolment number>” And send the same to 51969.

Example: UID GETUID 10002000030000

You will instantly receive your Aadhaar number through a return SMS by UIDAI.

Check Aadhar status through India post

 UIDAI offers facilities for tracking the delivery status of your Aadhaar card via India Post. India Post delivers the Aadhaar card to your house free of cost. After you finish the enrollment process of the Aadhaar Card at the Aadhaar enrolment centre, within a period of 60 days to 90 days the Aadhaar Card will be prepared and sent to you at the residential address you had given during enrollment. There is a facility to check the delivery status of your Aadhaar Card at any India Post Office. For which you will have to use the Aadhaar number.

The delivery status of your Aadhaar Card can also be tracked online on the official website of India Post. You will need to enter the Aadhaar Enrolment Number, time and date of enrolment at the website. Your Aadhaar card delivery status will be displayed on the screen when you enter these essential details. 
What is EID (Enrollment ID) Number?

 Enrolment ID (or Enrolment Number) contains a 28-digit numeric character. There is a proper format in which this 28 digit Enrolment ID is entered. The format is as follows:

  • EA Code – 4 digit,
  • Station Code – 5 digit,
  • Sequence – 5 digit,
  • (date of enrolment) YYYYMMDD – 8 digit and
  • (time of enrolment up to seconds) HH: MM: SS – 6 digits.

The overall number of all the above digits put together will be 28 (4+5+5+8+6=28).



In the Printed Receipt which you get after the enrolment is done, the Enrolment number is given as EA Code/Station Code/Sequence Number and the Date is given as (DDMMYYYY)/Time(HHMMSS). An EID will be generated using the enrolment number information. The enrolment number is combined as a single number without any spaces and slashes and this combined single number is called as an EID.

Here is an example to explain the above process:

  1. In the Printed Receipt which you get after the enrolment is done, the enrolment number is given as EA Code(4)/Station Code(5)/Sequence Number(5) and the Date is given as (DDMMYYYY)(8)/Time(HHMMSS)(8).
  2. When making the EID, the enrolment number and date is put together as a single number. All the spaces and slashes are to be removed. For the given enrollment number in the above picture, the EID shall be 1234104800261520100802180700.

To SMS the same, you have to enter this number without any other character (enter only numbers).

What details can be changed in aadhar card?

 The UIDAI official site through SSUP (Aadhaar Self Service Update Porta) enables to change or update the  Name, Address, Gender, Date of Birth, Mobile Number and Email ID.Residents can update through this portal. For

Residents can update through this portal. For an update in other details, residents have to visit the Aadhaar enrolment center or Update center. For doing the updates online, the Mobile number should be registered with your Aadhaar card.

Users are mandatorily required to upload a self-signed or self-attested copy of appropriate documents for update/correction in Aadhaar details. Click here for the valid list of documents that can be used for the purpose.

The user can update the details in 3 easy steps

STEP 1: Login with Aadhaar number given on the card.

STEP 2: Make the appropriate changes in the details of your Aadhaar.

STEP 3: Upload the relevant documents. For this, sign the document, scan it and upload using the appropriate field.

STEP 4: Select BPO Service Provider and submit request.

You will receive a URN (Update Request Number) after submitting the request and completing the process. This URN shall be used for checking the status of your update request.

It must be noted here that Update means any changes and corrections, whatever required, in your original Aadhaar card.

Mandatorily required documents for supporting Aadhaar card update/correction

Aadhaar card number Mobile number (one that is linked to your Aadhaar card number, the number must have been given during enrollment process).

Required documents in connection with what details you want to change in Aadhaar card. For example, for correction in your residential address, you must have any of the documents listed here. There is no document required for correction/update in mobile number.

Why Adhar Card Rejected?

Generally many individuals in are in confusion and do not know if they had earlier enrolled for Aadhaar or not. It may be because some people have not yet received their Aadhaar Card. Such people can go to Aadhaar Center and they re-enroll themselves, but this is not the answer what there were looking for, an individual can enroll for Aadhaar Card only on time and after that, if you enroll for any number of times it will surely be rejected subsequently. The lone one that you have enrolled very first time will be accepted in the server of UIDAI and you will get the same by Indian Post. On the Aadhaar Card form, it’s also written that if already enrolled for the same then don not enroll yourself again. Here is the screenshot of the portion of Aadhaar Card from where they have given the declaration and you sign on it during the enrolment process.

Of course, you can re-enroll for Aadhaar Card only when UIDAI Officials ask you to do so. Otherwise, it is s sheer waste of time if you go for re-enrolling yourself for getting an Aadhaar Card. What happened when you get enrolled for Aadhaar Card so many times? Well, you will get Message on your registered mobile that Aadhaar Card enrollment has been rejected as you have earlier enrolled with some other Enrollment ID (EID).

Now, if you have not got your Aadhaar Card after waiting for three months or more, then you need to have to check the status so that you can know the underlying problem. For that, you should keep your Aadhaar Card Acknowledgement Slip at a safe place which will be later used to track the status of your Aadhaar Card Application and also to download your e-Aadhaar Card Letter Online.

One possibility of not receiving your Aadhaar Card is that you might not present at your registered address when the postman appeared for delivery of Aadhaar Card. If he doesn’t find you in the given address then your Aadhaar Card will be sent back to the main Bangalore office.

Also, it might happen that postman has misplaced your Aadhaar Card. This has happened with so many persons in the past.All this doesn’t mean that your enrollment has been rejected. Only it has not been delivered to you by post for any of the reasons.

All this doesn’t mean that your enrollment has been rejected. Only it has not been delivered to you by post for any of the reasons.

However, when you check the status and it shows as Rejected, there may be one or more of the following reasons:

  1. Incorrect details have been submitted.
  2. Inadequate documents have been submitted.
  3. There may be human errors when filling up the request form during enrolment process at enrolment center.

Checking of Aadhaar card status without Acknowledgement details

Well, you don’t remember your enrolment details or lost your acknowledgment details slip. No problem. You can still check your Aadhaar card status by using the following steps.

  1. Visit the Aadhaar card status official website. Click here to go to the site.
  2. The following page will appear. Click on Retrieve Lost EID/UID As indicated by red arrow in the picture.

Aadhar card

  1. On the following page enter the details like:



Mobile number

Security code

After inputting all the above info, click on ‘Send One Time Password’ button.

When you receive OTP in your mobile, enter the ‘enter OTP’ field.

Click the ‘Verify OTP’ button.

You will then immediately receive Aadhaar card enrolment number on your phone and/or e-mail id.

Use this enrollment number for getting your Aadhaar status. For this, follow the procedure given elsewhere in this space.

Aadhaar Card correction status check

Okay. You have requested for updation or correction of details in your Aadhaar card. Now it’s the time to check that what happened to your request made earlier. Go to the same site where you had made a request for updation/correction. Click on ‘Check Update Status’ button as indicated with a red arrow in below-given pic.


You will get the following screen( When Click On Check Update Status):

Enter the Aadhaar number and URN (update request number) in the appropriate fields. Make the text verification and click on ‘Get Status’ button.

The status of your update request shall be displayed on the next screen that follows.

The status can be either of the following:

  1. ‘Under Review’ – your request is still pending with the authorities and no decision has been taken so far.
  2. ‘Rejected’ – your requested updates have been rejected.
  3. ‘Successful’ – your desired updates have been affected in your Aadhaar card and updated Aadhaar card will be delivered to you by India Post in due course of time.

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