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The aadhar card is a card that is issued as soon as the application has been approved and an aadhar number has been assigned. If you have already acquired the aadhar number and need the card in a hurry, then you could download it as a pdf report the use of your enrollment number or the aadhar number. It needs to, however, be referred to that having a card is not mandatory to avail the benefits of aadhar.

Aadhar Card For Non-Resident Indian

A unique identification card as it’s also referred to as, an Aadhar Card may be Availed by Residents in addition to non-residents of India. The initiative becomes facilitated by the planning commission so as to make certain that each resident of India had a completely unique identification further to ensuring that welfare services are added successfully and efficiently. The card comes with a sixteen-digit number that is unique to every character, and whilst the card was granted only to the Indian citizens, the imperative authorities have now made a provision to the difficulty the identical to NRIs as well.

An aadhar card is associated with the centralized statistics base and consists of demographic, biometric and distinctive applicable information of an individual, that’s instrumental in identifying an individual. The information accumulated from NRIs will make uidai’s database extra wealthy and accurate because the assignment is nicely received and accepted in India, and the Government now desires to make it an achievement across the world.

Aadhar Card Procedure for NRI

The requirements and methods to avail an aadhar card for an NRI are similar to the procedure that an Indian resident has to go through. You need to go to the official website of uidai or the enrollment centers authorized via it to use for the Aadhar card online or offline. Following is the step through which an NRI can avail an aadhar card:

Submission of Documents

The first step to availing an Aadhaar card is to submit all the relevant documents that establish your identity as a non-resident Indian. The documents you will have to furnish will include your birth certificate, photo ID card, and school certificate. NRIs will also be requested to produce the connection they have to another country where they hold a Green Card. The files will then be tested by the official to decide whether or not you’re eligible for an aadhar card.

Finger-Tip Scanning

After you have submitted your documents, you will be called for a biometric scanning where all ten of your fingers will be scanned to establish your unique identity. The biometric scan is necessary to ensure that your identification is unique and accurate, so you will personally have to visit the Aadhaar card enrollment center to complete the process.

Iris Scanning

Your fingertips will now not only be the one thing to scanned to establish your best identification. The government may even experiment your Iris to ensure that your identity will in no way have the hazard of being confused with someone else’s. The iris scanning can also be held in the aadhar enrollment center after your fingertips were scanned.


Once you have completed the scanning procedures, you will have to have your photograph taken by the web-camera at the enrollment center.The picture will then be added to your aadhar documents and you may receive your aadhar card from the uidai.

It takes around three months for the authorities to dispatch your Aadhaar card, but you can track the status of your Aadhar card online by visiting the UIDAI website. The quantity of time taken for uidai card to dispatch an NRI’s aadhar card is similar to the quantity of time taken to furnish a resident’s aadhaar card. By using following the easy aforementioned steps, you could avail your aadhar card with relative ease.

Eligibility Criteria For Aadhar Card

Aadhar is supposed to be a number that can help the ones residing in India, have one file which can serve a large number of functions starting from a proof of identification to a proof of address. It’s something that could even serve as the person’s gateway to get right of entry to special schemes introduced through the authorities. Even it is not always mandatory to be in possession of an aadhar number, there are a few eligibility criteria that humans desirous of having aadhar numbers. There’s no overly technical or complex listing of requirements that you’ll be wanting to fulfill. It’s all truly pretty easy as you are about to look.

When it comes to the question of eligibility, one thing needs to be kept in mind and it is that the card is just meant to establish a person’s identity. It does not equate to Indian citizenship and that is exactly why it is available for resident Indians, non-resident Indians and even foreigners residing in India.

The specifics of Aadhar eligibility are

  • Any citizen of India can apply for this card.
  • children below the age of 3 years need not apply for Aadhar.
  • Non-resident Indians can also apply for the card.
  • Foreigners who are residing in India can also take the card.

Purpose of Aadhaar Card

The purpose of the aadhar card was to make it easier for human beings to avail government subsidies and have one number that might use as proof of address and proof of identification. Any other motive that the authorities have noted for the introduction of this become to assist curb illegal immigration to the country. What aadhar isn’t is a card which could replace the need for drivers licenses or passports. It additionally does no longer become aware of someone as a part of a circle of relatives nor can any character personal extra than 1 aadhar number.

Uses Of Aadhar Card

Universal identity card

The main objective of the creation of aadhar has usually been to create a completely unique and accepted identification card for the citizens of India which would assist negate the requirement of different documents for availing diverse services.

  • Government subsidy

The government of India provides certain subsidies to particular citizens however there have been instances when such welfare has been misused. The aadhar quantity was meant to assist resolve this problem and ensure that folks who require welfare, and are eligible for it, get it. Aadhar is also speculated to be the identity that could show a person’s eligibility to enroll in government applications like proper to schooling and the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan.

  • Gas connections

According to the pahal dbtl scheme, those folks who had an aadhar card should use it to avail a subsidy on gasoline cylinders. That allows you to avail it, they would have an aadhar card that is linked to the gas connection and additionally to a bank account.

  • Phone connections

In terms of getting a new landline or cell phone connections, the aadhar card can be used to update KYC documents like identification proofs and evidence of address.

  • Bank accounts

The advantage of having a bank account linked to the Aadhaar number is that when and if you qualify for a government welfare scheme and you need to receive monetary advances, they can be transferred to the linked bank account post haste.

  • Validity

The Aadhaar card comes with no validity conditions and remains valid throughout the life of the person.


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